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As you know, our community as well as Bosque County offers many generous local scholarships for our students. These scholarships will start being offered over the next few months. At CGISD we do everything that we can to help our students succeed in getting in the necessary paperwork, reference letters, and signatures needed. However, if you, as the student, would like for the school to mail in your completed scholarship application, you must have them completed and turned in to Mrs. Murphy in the counseling office ONE WEEK prior to the deadlines stated below! Good Luck!

All of the paperwork for the following local scholarships can be picked up in Ms. Murphy’s office. This list will be updated as new scholarships are offered. 


Friends of Texas Public Schools---due October 9, 2022

Coca-Cola Scholarship--due October 31, 2022

HEB Sports In Action---due February 3, 2023

Murray Watson, JR---due July 2023 (can't find an actual day on this one)

Bosque County Hay Show Scholarship:                                              Deadline: 

Chamber of Commerce Scholarship:                                                    Deadline: 

Members Choice Scholarship:                                                               Deadline: 

Horatio Alger Scholarship:                                                                       Deadline: 

Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District Scholarship         Deadline: 

Texas Rural Education Association                                                       Deadline: 

Heart of Texas Fair Rodeo                                                                      Deadline: 

Bosque County Area Go Texan                                                              Deadline: 

Bosque County Rotary Club                                                                   Deadline: 

Association for Rural Education and Advancement                            Deadline: 

EO Elam Scholarship                                                                             Deadline: 

Rotary Club Scholarship                                                                         Deadline: 

National Championship BBQ Cook-off Scholarship                            Deadline: 

Art Council of the Bosque Arts Center                                                    Deadline: 

Texas Builders Foundation Scholarship                                                 Deadline:

Texas Six-Man Coaches Association Scholarship                               Deadline:

FSSB Scholarship                                                                                    Deadline: 

VFW Scholarship                                                                                     Deadline:

Sons of the American Legion                                                                 Deadline: 

Bosque River Valley Chapter National Society of the Daughters of American Revolution Scholarship                                                                                                                                                         Deadline: 

LaVern Pendleton Memorial Scholarship                                                Deadline: 

Click the following links to access important information about scholarships and financial aid opportunities! Be sure to check back often for updates and new additions to this page.

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