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Erik Meyers

Please make sure you are checking your child’s take home folder daily!

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My name is Mr. Erik Meyers and I teach 3rd - 6th grade students at Cranfills Gap Elementary.  I am in my first year of teaching and am excited to be a part of your community.  I have previously served Cranfills Gap High School for two years as an Academic Coordinator for the Trio Department at Tarleton State University.  Throughout my two years in the High School, I have come to love the community of Cranfills Gap.  I truly am blessed to be a part of this district!  



3rd - 5th Grade Science

Through out the year, your child will be actively engaged while exploring the world as we know it.  This will include Earth and Space Science, Biology, and Physics.  You student will learn how the world around them works and how to appreciate the process of investigation and reasoning. 



3rd - 5th Grade Social Studies


Throughout the year, your child will learn how individuals, events, and ideas have influence communities in the past and present.  Students will explore the world while learning different locations on maps and globes and how people adapt to those environments.  Students will learn about Economics and how to earn, spend, and save money as well as how business operate. Finally, students will gain a better understanding of important events in our government's history.



6th Grade Reading


The goal of this class is to encourage reading for enjoyment.  During this class, your child will enhance their vocabulary and word recognition skills.  Students will read, understand, and respond to a variety of texts not only selected by the teacher, but texts selected by the students as well.  By the end of the year, students will not only have increased their knowledge of their own culture, but the culture of others.

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