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Information for Pre-K and Kindergarten Parents

August 05, 2013


Here are some things that came to my mind that you need to know.  They are
not in any particular order.

1. Show and Tell is every Friday unless we are not having school on Friday
and then it falls to Thursday.  Students are allowed to bring 1 toy.  If
they decide to bring a show and tell that is something that is breakable or
not fit for playing with, for example, a bird’s nest that they found,  then
they may bring 1 toy in addition to their show-and-tell item.

2. The thermostat is shared between our room and the 1st Grade room.
Sometimes our room may be a little chilly.  Please send a jacket that can
be kept at school, and please put your child’s name in it.

3. Ice cream is available for the students to purchase for 50     on
Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon . I can hold their money for them if you
would like for me to.

4. Students will NOT be allowed to buy juice at lunch without a note from a

5. Students ARE allowed to bring  a snack and or drink for morning snack.
We will provide a snack and water each morning.

6.  Menus will be sent home each week.  PLEASE check these and send a lunch
if your child does not like what is being served for the day.  Even if you
just send some peanut butter crackers ,that is better than them throwing
practically their whole tray away and going hungry.

7. Rest time is every day from approximately 12:00-12:45.  Students will be
required to lay down and be still while listening to soft music for about
20 minutes.  After that they will be allowed to watch a  video for 20

8. Check folders every day!!!! This is the main way I will communicate with
you.  Notes for you will be in the folder and you may send notes to me in
the folder.   If your child gets a discipline stick pulled, I will write
the reason for it on the calendar.  I will put a check mark on the calendar
if he or she  does not get any sticks pulled.  Please initial the calendar
every day.

9. Discipline sticks are pulled after at least 3 warnings.  For each stick
pulled, the consequence is standing out during recess for 3 minutes.  If,
for some reason,  this is not meaningful to a student,  I may assign him or
her to walk a lap on the playground during recess or sit at a table alone
during lunch.  Each week we will keep a record of students that do not get
a discipline stick pulled and those students will get to go to the
“Treasure Box”  on Friday.

10. If your child is having a birthday and you would like to give him or
her a party at school, that would be great.  Let me know what time is best
for you and we will work it out. If you would like to send something but
cannot be there for the party we will make that work as well.  We are very
flexible.  We would love to celebrate  with your child on his or her
special day.

11. Every day our class will have P.E.  If your child wears sandals or flip
flops to school, please send tennis shoes for him or her to change into.
In Pre-K and Kindergarten we discourage sandals and flip flops because of
the almost certain risk of getting toes stepped on, accidentally, by our
classmates;  however, they are allowed.

Please call me if you ever need anything or have a question.

Thank you!

Mrs. Judith Gallegos


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